Sunday, May 2, 2010

Back on Blog

Dear Friends:

Be assured the blog has not gone out of operation or moved away from this spot. The blog will remain active for as long as it can.

In the last four weeks I have not posted any new views on this blog. The main reason has to do with the versions I wanted on the blog. The versions that appear on this blog usually get published in the Steven’s Window, a column in the Weekender of The National newspaper of Papua New Guinea. The last four articles published in The National had not been posted on my blog.

The published version in The National newspaper is an edited version. I don’t have the edited version in electronic form until after the newspaper posts it on its website.

The decision I am taking now is to publish the original version on my blog. The main reason being that I own the original idea and the way it was expressed. I’d like to maintain that authenticity on my blog.
 I am now posting the four articles in their original versions. I ask that you update your reading with these articles.

Let me know what tickles you from my views expressed in this genre.

From time to time I will add new unpublished stories to the blog.



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